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The Chicago Cubs are Laughable Losers

Submitted by on Wednesday, 16 June 2010 3 Comments

So I really did try to think of something positive to say in this blog update but I could not find one positive thing that is going right for the Chicago Cubs. Defense, offense, pitching, everything absolutely sucks and you might as well be call this team the laughable losers. Dumb errors, terrible hitting, and costly wild pitches has this years Cubs and also their fans pulling their hair out.  (If you actually have any left 2.5 months into this season)

This team might as well put a fork in the 2010 season in my opinion. There are rumors that Aramis Ramirez is breaking up the clubhouse and not even wanting to suit up as he sits on the disabled list. (A move that should have happened a month ago). You have the pitchers wondering when in the hell the offense is going to start hitting the ball instead of a bunch of single A players. Sorry pitchers, but these bats are cold and they are going to remain cold. Enjoy trying to win games when you only have one or two runs on the scoreboard.

Before to long, you are going to have players wondering if they are going to get traded as the team slides down in the standings. Yes I’m talking about Derrek Lee (please waive that no-trade clause), Kosuke Fukudome, Tom Gorzelanny and Ryan Theriot. This could be the year that the Cubs and new management change the team and start building for the future once again. Because 2010 is not the Cubs year.

How much blame can you put on Lou Piniella? If you ask me a lot. If it is true that Aramis Ramirez and some of the other Latin players are in one group int he locker room and all the other guys in another group you have lose your clubhouse. If the club house is not one team, then you can not expect to win games. That all falls back on the manger and I have a feeling that Lou is just playing through the season before he leaves the city and says “Keep on Waiting Cubs Fans”.

So Cubs fans, is the season over before the All-Star break? I’ve already gave in for the most part. Who’s with me?


  • Frankly, sir, I have felt the 2010 season was over since February. So I did my best to stuff that feeling into the deepest trenches of my soul; but like a tent that never fits into its carrying bag, the Great Pessimism has again poured into my heart.

    I think Lou deserves some blame for our poor offense as well. Take, for instance, Geovany Soto, whose .400 on-base percentage is daily squandered in the 8th spot or (heaven forbid) the bench. He is having one of the greatest seasons of any NL catcher, but is losing playing time to a defensive replacement.

    Put a fork in it indeed.

  • Shawn Oetzel says:

    That game last night was beyond embarrassing and should cost Lou Piniella his job. It is bad enough to simply lose and look bad doing it, but when th etema looks that unprepared and that apathetic it is time for a change.

    It is time to give some serious consideration to looking to the future with the young players. Let’s trade off as many of the veterans as we can and though I hate to say it, look to next year…

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