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Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot traded to the Dodgers

Submitted by on Sunday, 1 August 2010 One Comment

The trade deadline has come and gone and even though the Cubs are attempting to dump contracts and rebuild the team, only two guys were traded before the deadline. Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot were both shipped to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Blake DeWitt and two minor league pitchers.

I like that both players will be on a team that is in contention no doubt. I’m not mad that either player is gone, but something just feels weird about the move. Lilly I can see being moved even though I would have loved to possibly get a “sandwhich” pick out of him in next year draft. Theriot, well he can go wherever and take his average arm and terrible range with him. I will say that Theriot gave it his all when he had the Cub uniform on but on most teams he is not a everyday starting infielder. Utility man at best.

The main guy coming over to the Cubs should be the everyday starter at second base. Blake DeWitt’s OPS this year is almost 100 points higher than Theriot’s and he is also two years younger than Ryan. He won’t hit for power but also shouldn’t get picked off every week like Theriot seemed to do.

The next two months you are going to see a lot of younger players on the major league roster. General manager Jim Hendry has been quoted as saying “Cubs will have a “wave” of players come up soon from Iowa and then again in September.” That means plenty of veteran players will be put on the waver wire and more than likely a few will get picked up.

Pack your bags Xavier Nady because you are about to get shipped out. Maybe they are already packed and ready to go. Especially the way the team played in Denver just now as they were just swept by the Rockies. I hope you packed longer than for this current road trip!

Let’s all take the last few months and see how these younger players do. It won’t be your normal Cubs team but give the kids a chance because they could be on the big league roster next year without question. The season sure hasn’t went the way we all thought it would but then again, “There is always next year”

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