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Cubs off to a 5-12 start

Submitted by on Monday, 21 April 2014 No Comment

The 2014 season hasn’t started off like Cubs fans had hoped for. The team currently has a 5-12 record (last in the division) as of April 21st. Most people expected the Cubs to struggle this season as they continue to rebuild but did we really think it would be this bad?

Looking at the numbers, out of the 12 loses, five of those were by one run. Three more of them were by just two runs. So the team has been in games, just unable to finish. Wait we have all heard that before.

This season is really looking like much of the past. The offense will get going and the bullpen will fail. Or the starting pitchers will throw well but the offense won’t put runs on the board and the team will lose 2-0. It all must come together for this team to grow and move forward.  So what do they need to do to move forward?

  • Come up with a real closer that can close out games
  • Bullpen must lock down and get outs. Stop giving up the big hits with runners in scoring position. (Do Your JOB)
  • Hit the ball to move runners over (don’t just try and bunt)
  • Start Mike Olt and Junior Lake every game no matter who is throwing the ball
  • Have a .500 record at the end of May!

Is that too much to ask for?! All I know is that I am getting pissed off at the current guys on the roster not improving for the most part. Step  up and lets build heading into next year when we will see Javier Baez and others. I may sound bitchy, but as much money as I invest in this team each year with season tickets, it has me pissed off and wondering if I should keep renewing my tickets or not. (Tickets, will be in another blog coming up)..

For now, I have my hope. Let’s see the Cubs make the right plays, and Renteria to make the right moves and pick up some victories!



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