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2013 Cubs Tickets On Sale March 6-8

Submitted by on Thursday, 28 February 2013No Comment

If you have been waiting to pick up single game tickets the Cubs have announced that pre-sales will begin March 6th with the Mastercard pre-sell that we have got accustomed to the past couple of seasons. Fans can purchase individual game tickets in advance of the general on-sale date at a 20 percent premium, or a 15 percent premium for fans using a MasterCard. I don’t recommend picking up tickets this way unless you really need tickets to a specific game but I don’t think very many will sell out right away so I’d take my chances.

On Thursday March 7th, Cubs season ticket holders will have all day to pick up additional tickets to games. This is where a lot of ticket brokers will pick up additional tickets to the better selling games like weekends in May-Aug as well as tickets for games against the White Sox and Cardinals etc. As a season ticket holder, I’m only looking for a couple of additional games to get more tickets to. I think ticket brokers are very wary of how much inventory they want to carry this season.

Finally on Friday March 8th, the general public on-sale will happen. Fans in Chicago can hope that their number is close to the wristband number that is pulled or you can order via the phone / Internet at Cubs.Com . This will be the last season that the team decides to do the whole wristband thing to move tickets at Wrigley Field. It sounds like they are pushing to have everything taken care of online and will use virtual waiting rooms etc. I think that is bad for the fans in the city in my opinion.

So do you plan on getting tickets on any of the three days? I personally have quite a few games left to move that are in my season ticket package. So if anyone is needed a pair or two pairs for any games let me know via comments or on twitter @chicagocubsblog and I’ll let you know if they are still available.

Cubs Season Ticket Waiting List Updated

Submitted by on Monday, 12 November 2012No Comment

In the last seven to ten days, people on the Cubs season ticket waiting list have been receiving telephone calls as well as emails letting them know to log into their online account and see where they currently stand on the waiting list. I personally moved up a little over 9000 spots which was surprising to me. I knew that the team didn’t have a good season, and the team also revoked around 1000 tickets from scalpers but I was still surprised that that many spots would open up on the list.

So where do I stand now? In between 1500 and 2000 on the list. I would never have bet that I would be asked to buy this year even if I had checking out Sports Betting World has reviews. It wasn’t even 24 hours later after I found out my new spot on the waiting list that I received another email from the Cubs. This time it was with a time that I needed to be at Wrigley Field on December 8th. It’s nice that we can pick our seats and in person if it works for you. But for someone that has to buy plane tickets, reserve hotel etc it is kind of a pain that I can’t make the purchase over the phone or online. Sure I can use a proxy, but that I have to have someone local that I can trust and currently I don’t have that option.

So in the end, after being on the waiting list for over 10 years. It looks as though I’ll be offered something other than bleacher season tickets and I will have to buy now or go to the back of the line. Time to break out the credit card and get plane tickets and hotel booked and keep that card looking shiny to make a big purchase through the Cubs ticket office. I just hope they turn things around and have a better 2013 season. Currently odds are bad for the Cubs but looking good for the Bears and their 2013 Super Bowl betting options.

I’ll keep updating once I buy tickets. For quicker updates, please follow the site on twitter @chicagocubsblog

Cubs Season Ticket E-mail

Submitted by on Wednesday, 15 February 2012No Comment

Well I have finally received that e-mail that I have been waiting for. The opportunity to purchase Cubs season tickets is right in front of me after being on the waiting list for over 10 years. It’s really too bad that the only seats being offered are in the Bud Light Bleachers. I love to sit in the bleachers, but no way do I want season tickets out there as I’m not a local and wouldn’t be able to use them as often as I would like and the resell value on them is terrible when the team is not doing good.

So no, I’m not going to take the team up on their offer. For those of you that are wondering what the price would be for one season ticket in the bleachers for the upcoming season and for all 81 home games, you are looking at spending $3421.60 per seat or $42.24 per seat per game. Sorry but if you are smart, you would just purchase for select games during the ticket on-sale or on the secondary market where you can already purchase bleacher tickets for $15 bucks to midweek games.

So here I am on the waiting list one more season as least. I expect to get called / emailed during the the next off season and then I will hope there are two or four reserved seats in the 200 or 500 levels that I would like. Until then, I’ll continue saving up my money and hope this rebuilding process turns around quick!

Cubs Tickets Going Fast

Submitted by on Wednesday, 23 February 2011No Comment

Whats going on everyone? Spring training is under way down in Mesa and the Mike Quade has the squad pretty much setup for opening day and the 2011 season. I really don’t start getting excited for the season until I start buying tickets to games and that all started today.

I don’t mind spending the extra 15%-20% to get tickets early. A lot of times it’s your only chance at getting some tickets in certain sections of the stadium so I feel the mark up is ok to pay. I came away with the Yankees and White Sox tickets that I wanted pretty easily through the virtual waiting room. It took me exactly seven minutes to get selected and once I was in, I could continue placing orders one after another.

So how did everyone else do? Get the tickets you want? Waiting until the on-sale on Friday and hope you get lucky? If you  happen to strike out, head on over to Ticket City and get the tickets that you need. They are a sponsor of the blog, and we do enjoy working with them.

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